Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shredded threads- my indian take on temari

Creating structures, was a move which was successful and appreciated. Working with such skilled craftsmen, i thought it was indeed important to include their art along, their indigenous art. A couple of days ago, some Bharath-Kala craftsmen had come to Khamir looking for job and since then it was in my head that something should be done for them. It was then i thought why not mix some of their skills on the waste generated. The following images will show the magical transformations.


shifali said...

hey daga, great yaar, sum interesting holidays u had. i liked the work very much.

Swati said...

hey priyanka,

good work. very happy to know you are enjoying the experience. am curious to see how these weaves get translated into products.

Anonymous said...

hey priyanka..long time since I have not seen this kind of work....earlier I used to hate all this , but now I m quite fond of all these stuff :) really good work yaar....m very happy.